Water and Diabetes

A towering thirst is a symptom of diabetes and the dehydrated feeling is caused by elevated glucose levels in your blood. When glucose levels rise, your body draws water from tissue and this amount to a thirst that is powerful for many. For many, carbonated drinks are the choice to quench thirst but by far water is the best way to re-hydrate a thirsty body.  Water and diabetes are connected: water can play a large part in stabilizing blood glucose levels. Therefore water and its capabilities play a large part in stabilizing blood glucose levels.

Coconut Water and Diabetes

Coconuts! Coconut water is a popular choice for diabetics and while there is a calorie and carbohydrate element to the drink, coconut water in pure form has many benefits. It’s not a sugary, carbonated drink and has natural elements that can help to hydrate the body. If you’re feeling dehydrated then this is a sure-fire sign that your glucose levels are heading skywards. Coconut water does not have any elements in it that will contribute to raised glucose levels.  Despite the sweet taste, coconut water and diabetes is a great combination.

Alkaline Water and Diabetes

Alkaline water is a proven controller of diabetes and the Ph9 levels of alkaline in water is the ideal level to combat rising blood glucose levels. This is an excellent way of stabilizing glucose levels and reducing the body’s natural levels back down to 7.3Ph levels. The natural anti-oxidants in alkaline water will reduce acid and those pesky acid reflux problems that can occur from other drinks. The elements of alkaline water have been used in India and Japan to treat patients who have gangrene from non-treatment of diabetes. It’s been proven to be a cure. Drinking alkaline water can help to stabilize your blood glucose levels and at the same time, you’re not adding hidden calories to your diet.

Kangen Water

The word “kangen” is derived from the Japanese language and means “Return to origin” This wonderful water has alkaline levels that will help to restore your glucose levels to manageable proportions.  It will also help to combat dehydration as your blood glucose levels rise. However, the elements in kangan water will bring them back down again so it’s handy to have a bottle to drink when you experience a thirst. This vital water has been studied and those who drank regular amounts have shown stabilized glucose levels than those on medically-prescribed insulin. Toxins in the body have been shown to be reduced and as the body stabilizes, blood glucose levels begin to stabilize.

Lemon Water and Diabetes

Two glasses of lemon water for diabeticsI hear you think “acidic.” Yes, you’re not wrong. However, lemon water is very clever. On imbibing a glass of lemon water, your body converts the acid to alkaline levels and a squeeze of lemon juice on a salad will do you no harm. Drinking a glass of lemon water each morning for a diabetic is a great way to stabilize blood glucose levels. The natural restorer of alkaline levels in the body will help you start the day much better than if you were to have a coffee with milk and all that lactose. Give your body the best start to the day with a glass of lemon water. Go on, you deserve it.

Barley Water and Diabetes

Barley water has long been a health-remedy in the Far East. Of course, barley is in beer but the seeds are one of most economically cheap seeds to buy. A glass of hot barley water each day will help to reduce glucose levels and the cereal has anti-oxidizing properties and fights the mutation of lurking cell-mutations, in other words, cancer cells. Cleansing the kidneys of toxins, barley water will aid digestion, stabilize your glucose levels and a squeeze of lemon will give it some taste if it’s too bland for you.

Never under-estimate the power of water or your body’s ability to reduce your glucose levels.  Using the natural ingredients described above is only the beginning of a life without being a slave to the needle or prescribed medication.

To find out more about how you can manage and treat your diabetes, click here.

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