Reversing Prediabetes

Diabetes rates, autoimmune disorders, and many other diseases are affecting people at rates never seen before in human history. These illnesses were unheard of even as much as 50-100 years ago, yet have become epidemics in such a short time. Some of these illnesses are called diseases, like diabetes, yet can be reversed through a smart diet and exercise program. If you are a little heavy around the middle, consume more processed food than whole foods, and are middle-aged it might be time to start considering alternative diets. Even if you are in early stage diabetes, often called pre diabetes, it can be reversed.

Prediabetes Detox

Even if you have been just diagnosed with diabetes it is possible to start a prediabetes detox program to halt its harmful effects and start the road to full recovery. Stave off the long-term effects of insulin dependence now by detoxing your boding of the chemical build up of these foods and environmental factors:

  • Filter your water with an approved water filter
  • Do not consume foods in plastic containers or that have come in contact with these containers
  • Eat organic and whole foods in place of processed food whenever possible
  • Find healthy alternatives to toxic laced seafood that has been farm-raised
  • Get fresh air, the EPA has stated indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air, even in large urbanized areas
  • Be careful of the stuff you put on your skin to avoid chemical leaching into your body through your skin
  • Detox your body at least once a year through a chemical detox program

By detoxing your body of these major chemical imbalances, the process of diabetes can be halted.

Diet for Pre Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes the end is not near. In fact you can stop the whole process with some simple, yet often hard to apply, life changes. The most important life change is instituting some healthy eating habits. Follow these guidelines to halt the devastating effects of full-blown diabetes:

  • Stop eating sugary carbohydrates
  • Eat more leafy greens and beans
  • Eat more fruits
  • Avoid red meat and processed meats
  • Avoid processed foods, start cooking from scratch
  • If you eat grain, make them whole grain
  • Avoid all processed sugary drinks
  • Eliminate trans fat

By following some simple yet very effective pre diabetes diet choices you can impart a balance back into your body, detox chemicals from over-processed food and start the healing process.

Reversing Prediabetes is Possible

New science proves that pre diabetes is reversible. Do not let your family, friends or even your family doctor tell you, your world is at an end. You do have to make some very important life style changes that will be difficult, especially if you are used to a sedentary and processed food lifestyle. Through the proper diet, healthy supplements and an exercise regimen you can actually start expelling toxins and chemicals and restoring the natural balance to your body.

To find out more about how you can manage and treat your diabetes, click here.

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