Breakthrough Discovery on Brown Fat helps Man Reverses Diabetes

I was recently contacted by a man who claims he was able to reverse his diabetes using a little-known breakthrough discovery concerning brown fat.  I first doubted this until I found out why I hadn’t heard of it before: turns out the pharmaceutical companies are trying to suppress this research.  Why would they do this?  Well, imagine that you could take this same information on brown fat and learn how to reverse your diabetes without wasting your hard-earned money on excessive health insurance, prescription pills, insulin monitors and expensive doctor visits—exactly: this stands to lose them a lot of money.

Brown Fat CBS

Discovery Featured on CBS News

As I started looking into this man and his claims of diabetes reversal, what I found was absolutely astonishing.  Normally, I’m inundated with thousands of scams, false claims and gimmicks, but this breakthrough research on brown fat, well this was coming straight from the American Doctor’s Association (ADA).  It is backed by some of the leading men and women at the Joslin Diabetes Center such as C. Ronald Kahn, M.D., Yu-Hua Tseng, Ph.D. and Aaron Cypess, M.D., Ph.D.  If you don’t know these names, feel free to Google them—they are the real deal.

What is Brown Fat?

First, some of my findings on their findings.  It seems that there are different colored fats in the body, something not too many people know about.  We all know about the most common fat color: white.  White fat is what stores more fat in our bodies, thus making us fat.  It’s what we try to cut out of our diet when we want to lose weight.  It’s what is on the edge of steaks that we try not to eat!

Brown Fat

Brown Fat Cell

But now, new research has shown that there is also a type of fat called Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), or brown fat for short. Brown fat is mainly present in newborns because it is known to produce excess body heat.  This is essential for a newborn’s delicate system and thus, human survival.

As we age, brown fat is supposed to go away on its own—in other words, it involutes to the point where adults don’t have brown fat anymore…or so we thought.  Turns out, that was wrong.  In the past several years, we have been finding that brown fat exists in some adults, mainly concentrating in a few areas of the body (e.g. heart, vital organs, etc.).  The fat is brown due to the mitochondria that produce energy in our cells.  This produces the heat I spoke of earlier.

Now, as we have recently discovered, brown fat also consumes a ton of glucose in the process.  When it is stimulated by hormones or cold temperature, it burns up fat and allowing us to get rid of excess calories in the process.  This creates the “glucose sink” that is so critical for diabetes patients to keep track of.  The brown fat sucks up tons of glucose from the blood, thus creating an uptake that regulates blood sugar level.

How Did this Man Use Brown Fat to Reverse Diabetes?

So, what does this research have to do with reversing diabetes?  Well, the man who contacted me showed me the natural treatment method for diabetes that he had been following which uses diet to activate and increase the total amount of brown fat in the body.  This process allowed him to utilize the brown fat as an anti-diabetic tissue to help counteract his weight gain, burn fat and most of all, regulate his blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Miracle Cure

Natural Treatment Method on Diabetes

Using the scientific knowledge gained from this breakthrough discovery in brown fat, the gentleman was able to successfully reverse his diabetes by controlling his diet in a specific manner (heretofore undiscovered) to create excess, active brown fat.  Everything that I’ve read to date on these findings scientifically backs up the research and claims.  It’s an exciting and hopeful day for all diabetics out there and I’d just like to thank this man (who asked to remain nameless) for bringing this to my attention!

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